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Answer trusted communication with a blockchain based document encryption and management solution
As a growing number of internal and external communication are computerized and where mobility is more and more important, securing electronic channels and information systems more broadly is a key issue for enterprises. Businesses need to have applications supporting the encryption and decryption of electronic documents in order to answer to confidentiality issues.
eBmA conforms with numerous IT compliance standards: The European Union GDPR, United States CCPA and HIPAA, and the Singapore PDPA.
eBmA protects your sensible data with asymmetric encryption and works with different environments such as desktop, mobile and tablets.
Bring together know-how in systems integration and an in-depth understanding of corporate security technologies.
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How does it work?

eBmA is composed of a set of application programming interface (API) that allows developer access to the eBmA platform secured by the Coalculus blockchain Proof-of-stake consensus and embeds eBmA services such as file encryption and decryption across the eBmA mobile app and third-party applications. eBmA encrypt files individually and locally on your PC. They’ll remain encrypted even when transferred to a shared folder or the cloud. This allows you to share or send encrypted files so only the intended users can read them.
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Calling all community developers, security experts and enterprise leaders to contribute to the work we have started. If you are interested in joining us to make blockchain-based document management a reality, we welcome you on board!